International Logistics Management Education


Founded in 1977 as a state university, the Kempten University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Kempten) is a university of applied sciences located in the Bavarian region of Allgäu, Kempten, Germany. The university focuses on practical, interdisciplinary, International and future-oriented higher education to help students find careers in the diverse economy of Bavaria. By collaborating with industry, business, communities, associations and organizations, Kempten University has achieved a prominent position in application-oriented research and technology transfer in the region.

The University is an internationally oriented university, which takes account of the growing globalization. The students are offered many opportunities so as to familiarize with other countries and cultures through promotion of international exchanges in particular. The university also offers internationally-oriented courses of study, combined with the award of international qualifications.

The Professional School of Business & Technology is the competence center for postgraduate studies at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Application-oriented post-graduate studies have been designed for university graduates and experienced practitioners who wish to increase their professional and personal competence, and who regard post-graduate studies as a life-long process.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • BSc in International Logistics - Management and Engineering (3 years): The modularized program International Logistics teaches students about the procurement, production, distribution, material handling, personnel, equipment, and facilities vital in modern-day international business. The first year provides an overview of logistics fundamentals and basic knowledge in formal methods, management and engineering. Students are introduced to more engineering and management details in the second year. Besides mandatory courses, which focus on the basic skills in logistics, second and third year students select a certain number of modules in several specialization areas in order to establish their own individual competence profile.

Masters Program

  • MBA with International Logistics Management Track (Part-time): The Special Track International Logistics Management is designed to enable executive personnel to plan, implement and control logistics processes in order to design and evaluate the best system to meet the internal and external customer requirements. Participants of this MBA will also be briefed in SAP as another IT tool to handle the internal information flow regarding the processes. The complexity and the variety of logistics aspects make it necessary to focus on core competencies. So, the cooperation with suppliers and logistic service providers, evaluation of outsourcing strategies and negotiation of tenders are other main focuses in this International Supply Chain MBA to manage the best logistics network. Case studies and real projects in industry, retail and service provider companies are essential parts in the 4th term. The same program is available as MBA officers as well.

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