Coast Guard Approved and IMO Com­pli­ant Marine Pro­fes­sional Training


Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute, Inc. (CMTI), founded in Octo­ber 1992, is a large pri­vately owned school in the mid-​Atlantic region. CMTI was cited in the April 2002 edi­tion of Marine Log as being one of ten lead­ing mar­itime train­ing com­pa­nies in the United States. Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute is a full time train­ing facil­ity, open 52 weeks of the year, pro­vid­ing US Coast Guard approved courses. CMTI is an approved Work­force Invest­ment Act Train­ing Provider by the Com­mon­wealth of Vir­ginia and is approved for the Edu­ca­tion and Train­ing of Vet­er­ans for cer­tain courses.

Occu­py­ing over 8000 square feet of a mod­ern office and class­room spaces, with an addi­tional 12,500 square feet of out­door train­ing com­plex, CMTI is located near the his­toric tri­an­gle of York­town, Jamestown, and Williams­burg, Virginia.

Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute con­tin­ues to pro­vide train­ing for sev­eral State and Fed­eral agen­cies includ­ing Vir­ginia Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion, North Car­olina Ferry Sys­tem, Vir­ginia Pilot Asso­ci­a­tion, Mary­land Pilot Asso­ci­a­tion, Major Tow­ing Com­pa­nies, US Navy, NOAA, MARAD, US Army, US Army Corps of Engi­neers and the US Coast Guard.

Training Programs

  • Deck /​Wheel­house Courses: Oper­a­tor of Unin­spected Pas­sen­ger Ves­sels (OUPV or 6-​pack); Mas­ter, 25, 50, and 100 Gross Reg­is­tered Tons (GRT); Upgrade, OUPV to Mas­ter 100 Gross Reg­is­tered Tons; Com­mer­cial Assis­tance Tow­ing Endorse­ment; Aux­il­iary Sail Endorse­ment; Upgrade, Mas­ter 100 GRT to Mas­ter 200 GRT; Mas­ter 100GRT and 200GRT Upgrade– 18 days; Appren­tice Mate (Steers­man) of Un-​inspected Tow­ing Ves­sels; Mas­ter to 100GRT and 200GRT Upgrade and Appren­tice Mate; Mas­ter 100 GRT to 200 GRT Upgrade and Appren­tice Mate; Nav­i­ga­tion Course, Basic– 5 days; Nav­i­ga­tion /​Pilot­ing Course– 10 days; Celes­tial Nav­i­ga­tion to 1600 GRT; Flash­ing Light (Prep and Test); Rules of the Road; Rules of the Road – USCG Boatswain Mate and Coxswains– 3 days; Des­ig­nated Exam­iner for Tow­ing Offi­cer Assess­ments; 500/​1600 Master/​Mate INLAND w/​Colregs (Test at USCG); Mas­ter /​Mate Near Coastal (500/​1600, 2nd & 3rd Mate) Test at USCG; F/​V Master/​Mate TEST AT COAST GUARD; Exam­i­na­tion Prep – Gen­eral Sub­jects Only OUPV– Mas­ter 200GRT; Exam­i­na­tion Prep – Gen­eral Sub­jects Only Mas­ter 5/​16; Deck­hand Ori­en­ta­tion Train­ing Pro­gram; and Bridge Resource Man­age­ment (BRM) up to 1600 GRT
  • RADAR /​ARPA /​ECDIS: Radar Observer – Rivers; Radar Observer – Inland; Radar Observer – Unlim­ited; Radar Observer Recer­ti­fi­ca­tion; Radar Observer Renewal, Addi­tional Days of Train­ing; Auto­matic Radar Plot­ting Aids (ARPA); and Elec­tronic Chart Dis­play and Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems (ECDIS).
  • Unli­censed Deck Endorse­ments: Able Sea­man with Lifeboatman/​PSC; Able Sea­man; and Lifeboat­man (Lim­ited PSC) - 2 days
  • STCW Basic Safety Train­ing: STCW Ele­men­tary First Aid and CPR; STCW Per­sonal Safety and Social Respon­si­bil­i­ties; STCW Per­sonal Sur­vival Tech­niques; STCW Basic Fire Pre­ven­tion and Fire­fight­ing; Com­bined Basic and Advanced Fire­Fight­ing; STCW Basic Safety Train­ing; RFPNW (Rat­ing Form­ing Part of a Nav­i­ga­tion Watch); STCW Basic Safety Train­ing (BST) With­out Fire­fight­ing; and Med­ical Care Provider.
  • Qual­i­fied Mem­ber of the Engine Depart­ment: QMED with One Endorse­ment; QMED with Junior Endorse­ment; and QMED with All Endorsements
  • Tanker­man (Barge): Tankerman/​PIC Refu­el­ing Only; Tankerman/​PIC Barge (DL) Refresher; Tankerman/​PIC Barge (DL); Tankbarge Basic Fire­fight­ing; and Tankbarge/​PIC Barge (DL) and Basic Fire­fight­ing Com­bined course
  • FCC Radio License Prep & Exams: FCC License Exam­i­na­tion Fee, Each Ele­ment Up To Two Ele­ments; FCC Marine Radio Oper­a­tor Per­mit Exam Prep; FCC Gen­eral Radio Oper­a­tor License Exam Prep; and FCC GMDSS Exam Prep
  • Secu­rity Train­ing: Vessel/​Company Secu­rity Officer

Training in Florida

Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute (CMTI) recently formed a part­ner­ship with Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville, located in Jack­sonville, Florida, in order to offer US Coast Guard (USCG) approved Mar­itime license train­ing courses. The part­ner­ship devel­oped in response to work­force devel­op­ment needs of employ­ers, and the train­ing will be con­ducted by USCG approved Col­lege instruc­tors who will use Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute USCG approved courses via tra­di­tional class­room deliv­ery. Com­ple­tion of spe­cific courses may result in mer­chant marine licen­sure, and inter­nally artic­u­lated col­lege credit may be applied toward the College’s Asso­ciate of Sci­ence in Indus­trial Man­age­ment Technology.

The Fol­low­ing courses are offered at Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville:

  • Mas­ter 25, 50, and 100 Gross Reg­is­tered Tons (GRT)
  • Com­mer­cial Assis­tance Tow­ing Endorsement
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