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Merchant Marine (College Level)


MAINE MAR­ITIME ACAD­EMY (MMA) AT CAS­TINE - Mar­itime Sys­tems & Engi­neer­ing, Logis­tics Man­age­ment, Trans­porta­tion Oper­a­tions, Power Engi­neer­ing & Small Ves­sel Oper­a­tions Edu­ca­tion and Train­ing. Located on the coast of Maine, Maine Mar­itime Acad­emy (MMA) is a career-​oriented, equal oppor­tu­nity, coed­u­ca­tional, pub­lic and mar­itime col­lege of engi­neer­ing, trans­porta­tion, sci­ence and management.

USCG Training


DOWNEAST MAR­ITIME AT FREE­DOM - US Coast Guard Approved Mer­chant Marine Train­ing. Downeast Mar­itime, Inc. started in the late 1980s on Martha’s Vine­yards and has for many years been located in the old­est school house on Island.

Marine, Technical, Yacht & Boat Building | Design


LAND­ING SCHOOL AT ARUN­DEL - Marine Sys­tems, Boat Build­ing & Yacht Design Train­ing. The Land­ing School pro­vides edu­ca­tional pro­grams that effec­tively pre­pare stu­dents for entry-​level careers in the marine industry.


MAC­NAUGHTON YACHT DESIGN SCHOOL AT EAST­PORT - Naval Archi­tec­ture with Spe­cialty in Yacht and Small Craft Design Dis­tance Learn­ing Pro­gram. Yacht Design School (YDS) is pri­mar­ily a dis­tance learn­ing insti­tu­tion and teaches naval archi­tec­ture with a spe­cialty in yacht and small craft design. In addi­tion to the­ory, the school adds much more work in devel­op­ing both draw­ing skills and judg­ment in using the theory.


PROBOAT E-​TRAINING ONLINE AT BROOK­LIN - Marine Tech­ni­cian, Rhino Marine Design & Yacht Inte­rior Design Pro­grams Online. By com­bin­ing online tech­nol­ogy with prac­ti­cal, real-​world train­ing, ProBoat E-​Training deliv­ers a vital edu­ca­tional oppor­tu­nity to any­one who wants to improve his or her skill level as a boat designer, builders, repairer, sur­veyor, or marina/​boatyard operator.


THE APPREN­TICESHOP AT ROCK­LAND - Boat Build­ing Appren­tice and Sail­ing Pro­grams. Located on the water­front in Rock­land Maine, the Appren­ticeshop offers pro­grams for youth and adults that ranges from 2 hours to 2 years. Stu­dents of all ages come here from around the world to learn tra­di­tional boat build­ing skills, sail­ing and mar­itime arts.


WEST­LAWN INSTI­TUTE OF MARINE TECH­NOL­OGY AT EAST­PORT - Yacht & Boat Design Edu­ca­tion and ABYC Tech­ni­cal Cer­ti­fi­ca­tions (Dis­tance Edu­ca­tion). As the not-​for-​profit edu­ca­tional affil­i­ate of the Amer­i­can Boat and Yacht Coun­cil (ABYC), the West­lawn Insti­tute of Marine Tech­nol­ogy has been pro­vid­ing the edu­ca­tion nec­es­sary for any­one with the drive and desire to become a prac­tic­ing small-​craft designer since 1930.


WOOD­EN­BOAT SCHOOL AT BROOK­LIN - Sea­man­ship, Boat­buil­ing & Wood­work­ing and Related Crafts Train­ing. Located on the coast of Maine, in the small com­mu­nity of Brook­lin, Wood­en­Boat School offers courses designed around the arts of boat­build­ing, wood­work­ing, sea­man­ship, and related crafts. your social media marketing partner
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