Specialized Marine Courses & Seminars in Classification, Regulation, Engineering Design, New Construction, Risk Management, Quality, and, Environmental Awareness


Founded in 1862, The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is a marine and offshore classification services society. The society is headquartered in Houston, Texas with worldwide offices in UK, Singapore and China. The responsibility of the classification society is to verify that marine vessels and offshore structures comply with Rules that the society has established for design, construction and periodic survey. ABS is one of the largest classification societies with a fleet of over 10,000 commercial vessels and offshore facilities.

ABS Academy has been providing training courses and career development programs for many of the world’s leading shipowners and shipbuilders, both onsite and at the specialized ABS Academy training centers. Training courses have been customized to meet the needs of individual companies. These range from simple recombination of existing courses to the development of specific curricula, particular to a company’s procedures and operations. Apart from Houston Texas, ABS Academy is located worldwide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Athens, Greece; Hamburg, Germany; Busan, Korea; Singapore; Dubai, UAE; and Shanghai, China.

ABS Academy courses satisfy the requirements of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) for continuous professional development.

Training Programs

ABS Courses & Programs

  • Shipbuilders Courses: These technically-focused curricula are designed specifically for professionals involved in the design and construction of ships and offshore units. Topics Include - Structural Design and Rules Compliance; Common Structural Rules for Tankers and Bulk Carriers; LNG / LPG Carriers Design and New Construction; Statutory Regulations Primer; Software for Designers; and Applying IACS Polar Rules.
  • Offshore Courses: For owners and builders of offshore oil and gas assets these courses examine regulatory, technical and management concerns. Topics Include - Design fundamentals of MODU’s; Risk management solutions; Auditing for ISM, ISPS, ISO and OHSAS; Classification and Regulatory Inspections; and Maintenance and Inspections.
  • Shipowners Courses: Of special interest to owners, ABS Academy courses examine the regulatory, technical and management concerns affecting operators of ships and offshore assets. Topics Include - Auditing for ISM , ISPS , ISO and OHSAS; STCW ’95 Marine Safety Framework; Regulatory, PSC, Vetting and Hull Inspections; ILO Convention Requirements; TMSA, DPA and Risk Assessments; and Maintenance and Inspections.

ABS Seminars

  • ILO Maritime Labor Convention & Regulatory Update: This seminar will provide a background on the ILO and the development of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), together with an explanation of its structure including details on the five titles that comprise the Convention, as well as the requirements for shipowners, flag and port States.
  • Marine Operations in Harsh Environments: This seminar will provide an overview of the Arctic environment, including the nature of ice, the impact that ice can have on ships, winterization issues and guidance for vessel operations in low temperature environments.
  • Offshore Drilling - Technology Update: This topical seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of recent updates and ABS requirements for owners, operators, designers, shipyard representatives and other marine industry personnel working extensively in the offshore sector.
  • Offshore Support Vessels & Regulatory Updates: This seminar will introduce the Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) Guide with a briefing on the Special Purpose Ship (SPS) Code and the new ABS Guide for Propulsion and Auxiliary Systems for Gas Fueled Ships.
  • Offshore Technology Overview & Market Outlook: This topical seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of recent regulatory updates and ABS requirements for owners, operators, designers, shipyard representatives and other marine industry personnel working extensively in the offshore sector.
  • Challenges in Arctic Marine & Offshore Operations: This seminar will address a variety of Arctic-related issues including management and operations of marine vessels and offshore structures. The seminar should provide owners, operators, designers and other industry personnel with an awareness of Arctic-related issues.
  • Trading in US & Australian Waters: Jointly hosted with the US Coast Guard and Australian Maritime Safety Authority, this seminar is intended to provide owners, operators, shipyards, designers and other marine industry personnel with a greater awareness of specific regulatory and operational requirements for vessels trading in the US and Australia.
  • Trading in US Waters: Often held in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, this seminar series provides a comprehensive overview of the regulatory environment for vessels for trading in US Waters.
  • Experience in Containerships: This seminar is intended to provide owners, operators and other marine industry personnel with a greater awareness and understanding of class requirements and an outlook for the containership market.
  • Environmental Updates Seminar: This seminar focuses on the hottest topic in the industry today. ABS will offer participants an overview of the latest happenings for key environmental issues including operational practices and new technologies.