Mar­itime Train­ing Pro­grams in Singapore


Wavelink Mar­itime Insti­tute (WMI) pre­mier and pro­fes­sional orga­ni­za­tion ded­i­cated to pro­vide qual­ity mar­itime edu­ca­tion, train­ing and con­sul­tancy ser­vices for the local and inter­na­tional mar­itime and ship­ping indus­try. WMI pro­vides train­ing ser­vices to bet­ter enhance and fur­ther strengthen the com­pe­ten­cies and to meet the demands and chal­lenges of the Inter­na­tional mar­itime environment.

WMI com­mit­ment to train­ing is based on its capa­bil­ity and resources to pro­vide qual­ity edu­ca­tion and train­ing for both manda­tory and non-​mandatory Mer­chant Marine courses for the local and regional mar­itime ship­ping com­pa­nies, in par­tic­u­lar, the Col­lec­tive Bar­gain­ing Agree­ment com­pa­nies. WMI has devel­oped var­i­ous cat­e­gories of train­ing pro­grams to meet the var­ied and wide spec­trum of sea­far­ers train­ing and education.

Wavelink Mar­itime Insti­tute (WMI) is a Reg­is­tered Pri­vate Edu­ca­tion Insti­tu­tion (PEI) with the Coun­cil for Pri­vate Edu­ca­tion (CPE) in Sin­ga­pore. WMI appointed is a Rec­og­nized Secu­rity Orga­ni­za­tion (RSO) by Mar­itime and Port Author­ity (MPA), Sin­ga­pore for imple­men­ta­tion of Inter­na­tional Code for the secu­rity of Ships and Port Facil­i­ties (ISPS Code). Many of its mar­itime pro­grams are also approved by Skills Pro­gram for Upgrad­ing and Resilience (SPUR).

Training Programs

Career and Devel­op­ment Program

  • Cer­tifi­cate in Nau­ti­cal Stud­ies - 6 Months Pre-​Sea Deck Cadet Train­ing Pro­gram: The train­ing pro­gram aims to equip new entrants to the indus­try with the skills and knowl­edge to per­form mar­itime related jobs. The train­ing pro­gram includes Cer­tifi­cate of Com­pe­tency and spe­cial­ized mar­itime courses.

Upgrad­ing and Enhancement

  • Famil­iar­iza­tion & Overview on Port State Control
  • Famil­iar­iza­tion with Ship­ping Terms & Mar­itime Jargon
  • Port State Con­trol on Com­pli­ance with ISM Code
  • Port State Con­trol on com­pli­ance with ISPS Code
  • Safety Cul­ture for Opti­mum Safety Performance
  • Mar­itime Labor Convention,2006 Aware­ness Program
  • Des­ig­nated Per­son Ashore (DPA) Train­ing Course
  • Famil­iar­iza­tion on Oper­a­tional Use of ECDIS
  • Ship Secu­rity Aware­ness Course
  • Tanker Man­age­ment & Self Assess­ment (TMSA)
  • Pow­ered Plea­sure Craft Dri­ving Licence (PPCDL)
  • Risk Man­age­ment & Investigation
  • Shiphan­dling Course
  • ISPS Audi­tor Course for Port Facility
  • Bunker Tanker Cargo Offi­cer Course
  • IMO Model Course 1.22 (Ship Sim­u­la­tor & Bridge Teamwork)
  • IMO Model Course 1.27 - Oper­a­tional Use of ECDIS
  • IMO Model Course 3.19 - Ship Secu­rity Officer
  • IMO Model Course 3.20 - Com­pany Secu­rity Officer
  • IMO Model Course 3.21 - Port Facil­ity Secu­rity Officer
  • IMO Model Course 6.09 – Train­ing Course for Instructors
  • Mar­itime Resource Man­age­ment Course (MRM)
  • Mar­itime Resource & Bridge Team Man­age­ment Course
  • ISM Inter­nal Auditor
  • ISPS Audi­tor Course
  • ISM /​ISPS Audi­tor Course
  • Senior Offi­cers Lead­er­ship Assess­ment Pro­gram (SOLAP) - Deck
  • Senior Offi­cers Lead­er­ship Assess­ment Pro­gram (SOLAP) – Engine

Pro­grams for CBA Companies

  • Cadets Mar­itime & Edu­ca­tion Train­ing Pro­gram (CMETP): CMETP com­prises a Cadet­sPlus Pro­gram and a Sin­ga­pore CoC Deck Cadet Pro­gram for CBA com­pa­nies to par­tic­i­pate in.
  • Junior Offi­cers Mar­itime Edu­ca­tion & Train­ing Pro­gram (JMETP): The main thrust of the SMTF is to make train­ing pro­grams acces­si­ble and afford­able for CBA com­pa­nies. JMETP con­sists of 1 Junior Offi­cer­sPlus Basic and 26 Junior Offi­cer­sPlus Advanced programs.
  • Senior Offi­cers Mar­itime Edu­ca­tion & Train­ing Pro­gram (SMETP): SMETP has 1 main train­ing pro­gram, i.e. Senior Offi­cer­sPlus Pro­gram which com­prises 5 mar­itime courses - Senior Offi­cers Lead­er­ship Assess­ment for Deck Offi­cers; Senior Offi­cers Lead­er­ship Assess­ment for Marine Engi­neers; Trainer Course for Instruc­tors (IMO Model Course 6.09); Advanced Shiphan­dling Courses; and Advanced Cri­sis Man­age­ment Courses.

MPA Mar­itime Manda­tory Courses

  • Pilotage Exemp­tion Course For Small Ves­sel (PESV)
  • Pilotage Exemp­tion Course For Large Ves­sel (PELV)
  • Pilotage Exemp­tion Refresher Course For Small Vessel
  • Pilotage Exemp­tion Refresher Course For Large Vessel
  • Port Limit Tanker Mas­ter Course & Assessment
  • Port Limit Tanker Mas­ter Refresher & Assessment
  • New Tug Mas­ter Train­ing Course
  • Expe­ri­enced Tug Mas­ter Refresher
  • Pas­sen­ger Ferry Safety Course & Assessment
  • Pas­sen­ger Ferry Safety Refresher & Assessment
  • Port Limit Spe­cial Grade (Deck Officer)
  • Bunker Sur­vey­ing Course
  • Oil Spill Con­trol Course your social media marketing partner