Career Oppor­tu­ni­ties in Tanker Trad­ing; Ship Man­age­ment; Port Ter­mi­nal Man­age­ment; Bulk-​Liquid Trans­porta­tion, Stor­age, and Dis­tri­b­u­tion; in Europe & US


Founded in 1959, Stolt-​Nielsen Lim­ited (SNL) is the world’s lead­ing provider of inte­grated trans­porta­tion and stor­age solu­tions for spe­cialty and bulk liq­uid chem­i­cals and a wide range of other liq­uid prod­ucts. It is engaged in the liq­uid trans­porta­tion which includes the tankers, tank con­tain­ers and ter­mi­nals divisions.

Stolt-​Nielsen oper­ates through sev­eral sub­sidiaries, includ­ing Stolt Tankers, Stolt Stolthaven Ter­mi­nals, Stolt Tank Con­tain­ers (STC), Stolt-​Nielsen Gas (SNG), and Stolt Bitu­men Ser­vices (SBS). Stolt Tankers oper­ates one of the worlds largest and most sophis­ti­cated global fleet of deep-​sea, regional, coastal and inland par­cel tankers, pro­vid­ing safe, reli­able, high qual­ity trans­porta­tion ser­vices to the world’s lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers of chem­i­cals and other bulk liq­uids. By work­ing in con­cert with Stolthaven Ter­mi­nals and its world­wide net­work of high effi­ciency ter­mi­nals, the Stolt Tankers fleet of more than 140 ships and barges func­tions as an inte­gral and vital part of our cus­tomers’ global sup­ply chains.

Stolt-​Nielsen employs more than 5,000 staff in 33 offices around the world. Through­out its his­tory, the group has been ded­i­cated to attract­ing and retain­ing the best and bright­est peo­ple in the indus­try, and backed up that com­mit­ment with world renowned train­ing, excel­lent ben­e­fits, and the high­est qual­ity work environment.

STOLT-NIELSEN Career Opportunities

Grad­u­ate Marine Careers

Whether you see your future at sea or on land Stolt-​Nielsen could offer you a career oppor­tu­nity that matches your ambi­tions. A sam­ple list with job descrip­tions of oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able from time to time is listed below:

  • Con­tract Engi­neer: The con­tract engi­neer ini­ti­ates, devel­ops, imple­ments and man­ages agree­ments and pur­chas­ing projects. He/​she is also required to per­form process analysis.
  • Marine Superintendent/​Auditor: Plan and exe­cute inter­nal safety, qual­ity and envi­ron­men­tal sys­tem audits of every ves­sel in the Fleet on an annual basis. Report on the effec­tive­ness of the imple­mented Q.A. sys­tem and assist the Fleet in marine require­ments. Con­duct Acci­dent and Near Miss Inves­ti­ga­tions for the Hous­ton Fleet.
  • Port Super­in­ten­dent: To mon­i­tor, sup­port and direct oper­a­tion on the Stolt Tankers Fleet to achieve the best result as a mem­ber of the Tanker Oper­a­tion man­age­ment team and to keep all par­ties informed. The indi­vid­u­als will rotate office and field duties while exhibit­ing and pro­mot­ing the com­pany val­ues and policies.
  • Project Man­ager: Man­age tech­ni­cal projects for the ships in the exist­ing fleets and pro­vide sup­port to fleet depart­ments. Eval­u­ate and rec­om­mend new equip­ment for enhanc­ing exist­ing ships per­for­mance. Par­tic­i­pate in devel­op­ing con­cept designs for new ships.
  • Ship Oper­a­tor: The Ship Oper­a­tor is the focal point for the coor­di­na­tion of all cargo and voy­age infor­ma­tion among mas­ters, area offices, agents, Stolt depart­ments and ship own­ers. Devise and imple­ment the most eco­nom­i­cal voy­age plan con­sis­tent with STT ser­vice and cus­tomer qual­ity require­ments for each assigned ship through the com­mer­cial uti­liza­tion of cargo operations.
  • Ship Oper­a­tor Trainee: The Oper­a­tions Trainee posi­tion is an entry level oppor­tu­nity intended to be an up to 2-​year (max­i­mum) train­ing pro­gram to pre­pare a can­di­date for a Ship Operator.

STOLT Tank Containers

STOLT Tank Containers

Stolt Tank Con­tain­ers (STC) is the world’s lead­ing provider of logis­tics and trans­porta­tion ser­vices for door-​to-​door ship­ments of bulk-​liquid chem­i­cals and food-​grade prod­ucts. STC’s global fleet of tank con­tain­ers is by far the world’s largest, with more than 23,500 units. The capa­bil­i­ties include flex­i­tank ser­vices and spe­cial­ized tank con­tain­ers for aggres­sive or high purity prod­ucts, com­pressed gases and cryo­genic cargoes.

With more than 25 years of expe­ri­ence in the logis­tics indus­try, Stolt Tank Con­tain­ers is com­mit­ted to a process of con­tin­u­ous inno­va­tion to help cus­tomers bet­ter man­age their sup­ply chains, min­i­mize costs and increase efficiency. your social media marketing partner