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Estab­lished in 1947, Grimaldi is a fully inte­grated multi­na­tional logis­tics Group spe­cial­iz­ing in mar­itime trans­port of cars, rolling cargo, con­tain­ers and pas­sen­gers and wholly owned by the Grimaldi fam­ily. The sub­sidiary com­pa­nies and branches of the group com­pa­nies are located in over 25 countries.

The Group’s shore­side and ship­board staff cur­rently total more than 8,000. In 2009, nearly 2.7 mil­lion pas­sen­gers chose the Group’s ser­vices, while cargo vol­umes com­prised 2.49 mil­lion cars (CEU) and about 1.31 mil­lion Ro/​Ro units and con­tain­ers (FEU). Every week, the Grimaldi Group’s ships call at more than 130 ports in the Mediter­ranean and Baltic regions as well as in North­ern Europe, West Africa, and North and South America.

The Grimaldi Group com­prises eight main ship­ping com­pa­nies, includ­ing Atlantic Con­tainer Line (ACL), Malta Motor­ways of the Sea (MMS), Minoan Lines and Finnlines. With a fleet of about 100 ves­sels, the Group pro­vides mar­itime trans­port ser­vices for rolling cargo and con­tain­ers between North Europe, the Mediter­ranean, the Baltic Sea, West Africa, North and South Amer­ica. It also offers pas­sen­ger ser­vices within the Mediter­ranean and Baltic Sea. Besides its pure mar­itime activ­i­ties, the Group has cre­ated a net­work of about twenty ter­mi­nals around the world for the han­dling of rolling cargo, con­tain­ers and gen­eral cargo.


The Grimaldi Group, one of the world’s lead­ing oper­a­tors of Ro/​Ro ships, employs over 8,000 staff mem­bers. Work­ing at Grimaldi means not only to become part of a multi­na­tional Group, but also of a big team. From more than 60 years the Group believes that the val­oriza­tion of the human resources rep­re­sents a key for the growth and the suc­cess of the com­pany. The Group is com­mit­ted to the train­ing of the ground staff and the onboard crew, at every level, in order to improve their tech­ni­cal and oper­a­tional qualifications.

  • On Board Crew: The Grimaldi Group oper­ates a fleet of about 100 Ro/​Ro, Ro/​Ro mul­ti­pur­pose, Car Car­ri­ers and Ro/​pax Ves­sels and it is seek­ing work­force to employ onboard their units at all the time.
  • Ground Crew: The Group, in con­tin­u­ous growth, offers to experts and recent grad­u­ates the oppor­tu­nity to begin a pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence in their admin­is­tra­tive and port offices, both in Italy and abroad. More infor­ma­tion can be obtained from www​.grimaldi​.napoli​.it.

GRIMALDI Ports & Terminals

Grimaldi Ports / Terminals

The Grimaldi Group oper­ates its own regional hub ter­mi­nals in sev­eral Euo­pean ports and other parts of the world. The entire port of Wall­hamn has been pur­chased and is the first wholly pri­va­tized Swedish port, while the Unikai Lagerei und Spedi­tion­s­ge­sellschaft ter­mi­nal in Ham­burg (Ger­many) is owned in part­ner­ship with Ham­burg Har­bor and Logis­tic AG (HHLA), a state-​owned com­pany. Please find below a list of ports & ter­mi­nals owned and oper­ated by the Grimaldi group:

  • Wall­hamn Port, Sweden
  • Lagerei und Spedi­tion­s­ge­sellschaft, Ham­burg, Germany
  • Scan­di­na­vian Auto Logis­tics (SAL), Esb­jerg, Denmark
  • Euromed Ire­land Logis­tics (EMIL), Cork, Ireland
  • Alexan­dria Ter­mi­nal, Alexan­dria, Egypt
  • Dakar Ter­mi­nal, Dakar, Senegal
  • FINNSTEVE (Finnlines), Helsinki, Finland
  • FINNSTEVE (Finnlines), Turku, Finland
  • FINNSTEVE (Finnlines), Kotka, Finland
  • FINNSTEVE /​NORSTEVE (Finnlines), Oslo, Norway your social media marketing partner