Sea-​Based, Land Based & Onboard Career and Intern­ship Opportunities


Founded in 1866, DFDS is north­ern Europe’s largest inte­grated ship­ping and Logis­tics Com­pany with 5,000 employ­ees in 20 coun­tries, and rev­enue is about USD 2 bil­lion in 2011. DFDS pro­vides sea and land trans­port ser­vices to freight cus­tomers and pas­sen­gers. DFDS Sea­ways oper­ates a net­work of 25 routes with 55 freight and pas­sen­ger ships, while DFDS Logis­tics pro­vides freight solu­tions in Europe with trail­ers, con­tain­ers, and rail and has about 21 offices around the globe.

DFDS is a dynamic and inter­na­tional ship­ping and logis­tics com­pany, and offer sa vari­ety of excit­ing career oppor­tu­ni­ties at all lev­els, at sea and ashore, and in a truly inter­na­tional work­ing envi­ron­ment. Around 40% of employ­ees are based at sea. DFDS’ head office is located in Copen­hagen (near Nord­havn sta­tion) and across North­ern Europe DFDS oper­ates more than 50 offices.

There are sev­eral career oppor­tu­ni­ties at DFSD includ­ing land based employ­ment across its sev­eral divi­sions and pro­vides good oppor­tu­ni­ties to develop your pro­fes­sional and voca­tional competencies.

DFSD Career Opportunities

  • Land-​based Posi­tions: A highly pro­fes­sional and inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion, DFDS offers great oppor­tu­ni­ties for devel­op­ment of pro­fes­sional and per­sonal skills, with a vari­ety of leisure oppor­tu­ni­ties offered by the employee associations.
  • Mar­itime Employ­ment: DFDS also employ a large num­ber of sea-​based staff includ­ing more than 100 nav­i­ga­tors, a sim­i­lar num­ber of engi­neers and elec­tri­cians, and over 200 hun­dred ship assis­tants with many oppor­tu­ni­ties for per­ma­nent posi­tions and tem­po­rary placements.
  • Onboard Ser­vices: At DFDS Sea­ways the pas­sen­ger ser­vices can in many ways be com­pared to large inter­na­tional hotels or retail out­lets with com­pa­ra­ble require­ments for skilled ser­vice per­son­nel - wait­ers, cooks, shop assis­tants, stew­ards, host­esses, infor­ma­tion offi­cers, etc.
  • Intern­ships: DFDS offer trainee posi­tions both at sea and onshore. Whether you are look­ing for a career at sea or pre­fer solid ground, there are many oppor­tu­ni­ties in the fields of ship­ping, finance or travel.

Cur­rent Opportunities

A sam­ple list of cur­rent oppor­tu­ni­ties at DFSD is given below. Please check the DFSD web­site for more information.

  • Out­bound ser­vice consultant
  • Recruit­ment Consultant
  • Team Leader - SCM Sys­tem & Mas­ter data
  • Engi­neers
  • Elec­tri­cian
  • Deck Offi­cers
  • Baker
  • Stew­ardess /​Stew­ard - Freight
  • Shop Assis­tant - Perfume
  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Cold Cook
  • Shop Assis­tant - Cloth­ing Department
  • Shop Assis­tant - Taxfreee
  • Bank Assis­tant
  • Stew­ard & Stew­ardess (clean­ing + servicing)
  • Stu­dent Job - Steward/​Stewardess - Kitchen Assistance
  • Plus many more your social media marketing partner