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Established in 1994 with the merger of three university colleges in Norway, Vestfold University College (HiVe) and located in the county of Vestfold in the southern part of Norway. It is a medium-sized with college with approximately 4500 students and 450employees. HiVe offers programs in four faculties including maritime studies. HiVe has very close relations and partnerships with local business and industry.

Vestfold University College has many exchange programs within the EU Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) - Erasmus, ISEP, and the Nordplus. In addition HiVe also has bilateral student exchange agreements with institutions abroad in Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Each year a sizable number of students from all over the world come to HiVe to study and offers many courses in English to complement, which includes maritime studies.

Vestfold University College is the largest institute of higher education offering maritime studies in Norway and offers broad choice of study options. Vestfold is known for its hospitable climate, its intimate beautiful seaside, and coastal towns.

Academic Programs

Bachelors Program (Norwegian)

  • Bachelors Program in Nautical Science (3 years): This program provides theory and skills combined with the necessary work experience (cadet time) that will qualify for your first certificate. Practical skills are also an important part of the course and the ship simulator has been built to look and sound just like a bridge on a ship and with the help of advanced technology you will learn to maneuver in and out of the world’s largest ports.
  • Bachelors in Program Shipping and Logistics (3 years): This is a perfect course if you’re interested in working for a shipping company, a stockbroking firm, maritime logistics companies, port authorities or other companies in the shipping industry. This course focuses on sea transport, but also looks at the entire transport chain from sender to receiver.
  • Bachelors Program in Maritime Technical Management (3 years): HiVe is the only college in Norway offering chief engineer officer training at university level and also offers its students a fully equipped machine room. Unique facilities and highly qualified teaching staff enable to offer an education which gives graduates entry into a job market where being offered a job before graduation is not uncommon.

Following courses are offers in English: Maritime Building Projects ; Maritime Economics; Offshore Technology ; Ship Design; Shipping, economics and ship management; Shipping and International Trade ; Ship Operations; and, Supply Chain Management.

Masters Program (English)

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Maritime Management (2 years): The maritime management master program has two specializations in parallel, one commercial and one technical specialization. The commercial specialization courses include Accounting and Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Maritime Law. The technical specialization courses include Ship Structures, Maritime Machinery, and Electro, Automation and Telecommunication.

Vestfold University College Admissions

  • Master of Science in Maritime Management: Admission to Master in Maritime Management with specialization in Maritime Commercial Management requires a three year bachelor degree in business administration or, three year maritime bachelor degree in shipping and logistics or, corresponding education. Specialization in Maritime Technical Management requires a three year bachelor degree in engineering or, three year maritime bachelor degree in nautical or machinery or, corresponding education..
  • Bachelors Program Offered in Norwegian: Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway (generell studiekompetanse) and fulfill the language requirements in Norwegian and English. Some courses have entrance tests. Entrance requirements for applicants from non-European countries may include one or two years of university studies in addition to secondary school. Applicants who do not fulfill the entrance requirements can take supplementary examinations in the Norwegian upper secondary school.

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