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Establishes in 1926, Massey University is one of New Zealand's largest universities with over 35,000 students. Each year more than 3000 international students from more than 100 countries study at Massey. The University is internationally recognized for its excellence in teaching and research and regarded as an innovative and progressive institution. Providing accessible research-led education for more than 50 years and remaining closely connected to its regional communities makes Massey truly New Zealand’s University.

New Zealand’s most innovative, and connected University, Massey is a leader in distance and blended education with more than half of its students studying part-time or extramurally. The University has now taught more than 250,000 students by distance in New Zealand and across the world. Massey University has high-level collaborations with tertiary institutions around the world.

Campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington cater for local and international students studying internally. Furthermore, approximately 20,000 New Zealand students study with Massey Extramural, the country’s leading distance education program. Massey offers most of its degrees extramurally including the logistics & supply chain management programs.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The program offers combinations of papers leading to a graduate diploma. It offers a choice of papers highly relevant to people with an interest in all areas of logistics and supply chain management. It will be of interest to military personnel, emergency services, service industries, in addition to private enterprises. There are no formal research requirements other than those required for assignments or individual papers. The aim of the graduate diploma is to encourage students to take advantage of on-going and regularly up-dated learning packages throughout their life.

Masters Programs

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management shall comprise a minimum of 120 credits. The Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management must include 90 credits from the schedule which follows and include a research methods paper for students progressing to Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management shall consist of a minimum of 120 credits and include either 60 or 120 credits of reported research together with approved papers at 700-level including either Research Methods or Advanced Research Methods, if this has not been completed in prior studies.


MASSEY Features

Massey University Location

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With a tradition of academic excellence, Massey University is the nearest thing New Zealand has to a national university. It has nearly 18,000 students enrolled on three main campuses, with approximately 17,000 national and worldwide distance learning (extramural) students. Massey is New Zealand’s leading university for distance learning with students from all over the world. Massey also recognizes prior learning achieved within both formal and informal settings. Credit is awarded for completed or incomplete tertiary qualifications, and for informal learning.

  • Campus: Massey University Albany campus is located on the Auckland's North Shore. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city. The Manawatu campus is located in Palmerston North and is one of the best places in the country to experience the real student lifestyle. The Wellington campus is in New Zealand's capital city and is a great place to live. The Wellington Campus is centrally located near the city's artistic and entertainment quarters of Cuba Street and Courtenay Place in the heart of Wellington.
  • Accreditation: Massey University is a public university of New Zealand and government-funded. The College of Business is accredited by AACSB.
  • Research: Massey is one of only four New Zealand universities to have been listed among the world's top 200 universities by the Times Higher Education Supplement since they began publishing in 2004. The rankings judged higher education institutions from every continent based on their strengths in teaching and research and their international reputation.
  • Career and Employment Service: Each of the Massey campuses offers a range of career-related events. These may include expos; individual employer presentations; panel discussions; skills workshops and seminars and related activities.  Careers information, advice and guidance are available to Massey’s distance students as well.
  • Career for International Students: New Zealand employers will only consider job applicants who hold New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence. However, it may be possible for you to work in New Zealand after graduation if you meet the current criteria set out by the New Zealand Immigration Service. You will generally find it easier to secure employment (and the required visa) if you are seeking work in an occupation within which there is a skill shortage in New Zealand.
  • Student Exchange Program: As a Massey University student you have a fabulous opportunity to enhance your university experience by studying overseas on the Student Exchange Program at one of Massey's world-class partner universities worldwide in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America or South America. All exchange destinations have merit and many are highly prestigious institutions.
  • Housing: Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington all have a variety of on campus accommodation options, including Halls of Residence, Residential Complexes, Apartments, Units and Homestays. These are managed either by Massey University or an agent of Massey.

MASSEY Admissions

Masters Programs – Supply Chain

  • Graduate Diploma in LSCM: Normally open to those students with a New Zealand University degree in other than Logistics and Supply chain Management or similar subject area. Students with a number of years experience may be granted entry on application for admission with equivalent status.

Postgraduate Diploma/ Masters in LSCM

  • Have qualified in a relevant bachelor degree with a grade point average that demonstrates an adequate level of preparation for the advanced program or
  • Have an approved academic qualification of similar standing to the relevant bachelor degree or
  • Have been granted Postgraduate Admission as entitled to proceed to the specified diploma or degree and, where appropriate to a specific qualification
  • Provide evidence of practical/professional experience of an acceptable standard in an area(s) relevant to the qualification or
  • On the request of the Academic Board carry out such work and satisfy such assessments as the Board may determine to be necessary for admission

MASSEY Scholarships

  • Country specific study awards: China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA
  • Alumni (Family) awards
  • Family study awards
  • Massey University Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarship
  • Massey University Doctoral Scholarship
  • New Zealand International Doctoral Scholarships (NZIDRS)
  • New Zealand Development Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Plus more