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Austria - Logistics, Supply Chain Management


UNI­VER­SITY OF APPLIED SCI­ENCES BFI VIENNA (FH BFI VIENNA), AUS­TRIA - Logis­tics and Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion - The Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences bfi Vienna is one of the lead­ing Uni­ver­si­ties of Applied Sci­ences in Aus­tria. Also inter­na­tion­ally, its grad­u­ates are gen­er­ally con­sid­ered highly qual­i­fied, and are cov­eted by indus­try, admin­is­tra­tion and busi­ness for demand­ing and chal­leng­ing positions.

Belgium - Transport, Maritime, Logistics, Management


INSTI­TUTE OF TRANS­PORT AND MAR­ITIME MAN­AGE­MENT (ITMMA)| UNI­VER­SITY OF ANTWERP | AT ANTWER­PEN, BEL­GIUM - Trans­port & Logis­tics Man­age­ment; Trans­port & Mar­itime Man­age­ment; and Trans­port & Mar­itime Eco­nom­ics Edu­ca­tion at ITMMA - The Uni­ver­sity of Antwerp (Uni­ver­siteit Antwer­pen - UA) is one of the major Bel­gian uni­ver­si­ties located in the city of Antwerp and char­ac­ter­ized by its high stan­dards in edu­ca­tion, inter­na­tion­ally com­pet­i­tive research and entre­pre­neur­ial approach.

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ANTWERP FLAN­DERS PORT TRAIN­ING CEN­TER (APEC) AT ANTWERP, BEL­GIUM - Two-​Week Sem­i­nar and Train­ing Pro­grams on Port Man­age­ment - Estab­lished in 1978 and affil­i­ated to Port of Antwerp, Antwerp /​Flan­ders Port Train­ing Cen­ter (APEC) plays a cen­tral role in the trans­fer of port knowl­edge from Flan­ders to the world.

France - Logistics, Supply Chain, Maritime Engineering


ECOLE DE MAN­AGE­MENT DE NOR­MANDIE (NOR­MANDY BUSI­NESS SCHOOL) AT LE HAVRE, FRANCE - Mar­itime, Trans­port, Inter­na­tional Logis­tics and Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion in France - The Ecole de Man­age­ment de Nor­mandie (EM Nor­mandie), whose ori­gins date back to 1871, strives to be a busi­ness school of choice that pro­vides pre-​experience and con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion in a qual­ity, student-​centered learn­ing environment.


BEM MAN­AGE­MENT SCHOOL AT BOR­DEAUX, FRANCE - Global Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion at BEM, France - BEM offers 12 pro­grams award­ing diplo­mas in man­age­ment to the level of Bach­e­lor, Mas­ters and Spe­cialised Mas­ters. These pro­grams award a Spe­cial­ized Mas­ters diploma rec­og­nized by the “Con­férence des Grandes Ecoles” and a state-​recognized certificate.

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ENSTA PARIS­TECH - ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE DE TECH­NIQUES AVANCÉES AT PARIS, FRANCE - World-​class Off­shore, Naval Archi­tec­ture and Mar­itime Engi­neer­ing Edu­ca­tion in France - Founded in 1970, ENSTA who is also a found­ing mem­ber of Paris­Tech (hence ENSTA Paris­Tech), is one of the most pres­ti­gious and selec­tive French engi­neer­ing insti­tutes called grande école. Paris­Tech (Paris Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy) is a fed­er­a­tion of higher edu­ca­tion engi­neer­ing and busi­ness schools around Paris.

Germany - Logistics, Supply Chain & Nautical Training


EBS UNI­VER­SITY OF BUSI­NESS AND LAW | EBS BUSI­NESS SCHOOL | AT WIES­BADEN, HESSE, GER­MANY - Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion at EBS Busi­ness School - Founded in 1971, The EBS Uni­ver­sity of Busi­ness and Law (EBS Uni­ver­sität für Wirtschaft und Recht) is located in Wies­baden in south­west Ger­many, the cap­i­tal of the fed­eral state of Hesse.


INTER­NA­TIONAL UNI­VER­SITY OF APPLIED SCI­ENCES (IUBH) | INTER­NA­TIONALE HOCHSCHULE | AT BAD HON­NEF, BONN GER­MANY - Trans­port & Logis­tics Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion in Ger­many - Founded in 1998, the Inter­na­tional Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences Bad Hon­nef, Bonn (IUBH) is a state-​recognized pri­vate uni­ver­sity offer­ing inter­na­tion­ally ori­ented and offi­cially accred­ited stud­ies in the field of ser­vice man­age­ment at its loca­tions in Bad Hon­nef and Bad Reichenhall.


JACOBS UNI­VER­SITY AT BRE­MEN, GER­MANY - Inter­na­tional Logis­tics Man­age­ment and Engi­neer­ing Edu­ca­tion in Ger­many - Founded in 2001, Jacobs Uni­ver­sity at Bre­men is a top-​ranked, pri­vate, res­i­den­tial uni­ver­sity in Bre­men, Ger­many. With over 1200 stu­dents rep­re­sent­ing 110 coun­tries, Jacobs Uni­ver­sity com­bines aspects from the Amer­i­can and Ger­man aca­d­e­mic sys­tems to form an envi­ron­ment with a trans­dis­ci­pli­nary approach between diverse dis­ci­plines and sub­ject areas.

jade university

JADE UNI­VER­SITY OF APPLIED SCI­ENCES | JADE HOCHSCHULE | AT ELS­FLETH GER­MANY - Nau­ti­cal Sci­ence; Trans­port Man­age­ment; Mar­itime Eco­nom­ics & Logis­tics and, Mar­itime Man­age­ment Pro­grams in Ger­many - Jade Uni­ver­sity is Germany’s youngest uni­ver­sity in the north-​west with his­tory dat­ing back to 1832. With over 7000 stu­dents and 180 pro­fes­sors, the university’s cam­puses in Wil­helmshaven, Old­en­burg and Els­fleth strive to be a cen­ter of learn­ing and research.


KEMPTEN UNI­VER­SITY OF APPLIED SCI­ENCES | HOCHSCHULE KEMPTEN | AT KEMPTEN, GER­MANY - Inter­na­tional Logis­tics Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion - Founded in 1977 as a state uni­ver­sity, the Kempten Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences (Hochschule Kempten) is a uni­ver­sity of applied sci­ences located in the Bavar­ian region of All­gäu, Kempten, Germany.


KÜHNE LOGIS­TICS UNI­VER­SITY (KLU) AT HAFENCITY, HAM­BURG, GER­MANY - Logis­tics and Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion and Research - Kuehne Logis­tics Uni­ver­sity (Wis­senschaftliche Hochschule für Logis­tik und Unternehmensführung - THE KLU) is a pri­vate, inde­pen­dent and state-​recognized uni­ver­sity. THE KLU is ded­i­cated to teach­ing and research of logis­tics as a core ele­ment of glob­ally orga­nized management.


TECH­NI­CAL UNI­VER­SITY MUNICH (TUM) AT MUNICH, GER­MANY & SIN­GA­PORE - Trans­porta­tion Sys­tems and Trans­port & Logis­tics Edu­ca­tion in Munich & Sin­ga­pore - Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity Munich (Tech­nis­che Uni­ver­sität München – TUM) is one of the lead­ing uni­ver­si­ties in Ger­many. TUM’s top per­for­mances in research and edu­ca­tion, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary stud­ies, and tal­ent pro­mo­tion stand out with strong alliances with busi­nesses and sci­en­tific insti­tu­tions across the world play a part in this.

nsb academy small

NSB ACAD­EMY | NAU­TI­CAL TECH­NI­CAL SIM­U­LA­TION CEN­TER | AT BUX­TE­HUDE, GER­MANY - Ship Han­dling, Cri­sis Man­age­ment & Bridge Resource Man­age­ment Train­ing - The NSB Acad­emy is the com­pe­tence cen­ter of NSB Niederelbe Schif­fahrts­ge­sellschaft, one of the world’s top com­pa­nies for man­ag­ing ships. The facil­ity is used for the fur­ther train­ing of ship’s offi­cers and pro­fes­sion­ally prepar­ing them for the ever more demand­ing require­ments of NSB’s expand­ing fleet. All activ­i­ties of NSB Acad­emy can also be used by other ship­ping companies.


MARINE TRAIN­ING CEN­TER (MTC) HAM­BURG, GER­MANY - Sim­u­la­tor Courses in Dynamic Posi­tion­ing; Ship Han­dling; Radar; Engine; Liq­uid Cargo and, Man Diesel, Ma-​Co & Svitzer Train­ing Pro­grams in Ger­many - MTC Marine Train­ing Cen­ter Ham­burg GmbH is one of the largest marine train­ing cen­ters in Europe and pro­vides mar­itime train­ing for ship crew using state of the art shiphan­dling, radar, GMDSS, dynamic posi­tion­ing, engine and cargo simulators.

Ireland - Shipping, Merchant Marine/Navy, Logistics


NATIONAL MAR­ITIME COL­LEGE OF IRE­LAND (NMCI) AT CORK, IRE­LAND - Ship­ping; Nau­ti­cal Sci­ence; Marine & Plant Engi­neer­ing; Marine Elec­trotech­nol­ogy; Sup­ply Chain & Trans­port Man­age­ment & Mar­itime Train­ing & Edu­ca­tion - The National Mar­itime Col­lege of Ire­land NMCI is the first third level col­lege in Ire­land to be built under the Government’s Public-​Private Part­ner­ship scheme.


DUBLIN INSTI­TUTE OF TECH­NOL­OGY (DIT) AT DUBLIN, IRE­LAND - Logis­tics & Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment; and Trans­port Oper­a­tions & Tech­nol­ogy Edu­ca­tion in Ire­land - Dublin Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy (Insti­tiúid Teic­ne­o­laíochta Bhaile Atha Cliath) - DIT has been an inte­gral part of the Irish Higher Edu­ca­tion sys­tem for more than a century.


NATIONAL INSTI­TUTE FOR TRANS­PORT & LOGIS­TICS (NITL) AT DUBLIN, IRE­LAND - Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion & Short Courses in Logis­tics; Tools and Tech­nol­ogy; Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Skills; and Busi­ness - The National Insti­tute for Trans­port & Logis­tics (NITL) was founded to pro­vide exper­tise in trans­port, logis­tics and oper­a­tions man­age­ment mat­ters (total sup­ply chain inte­gra­tion and man­age­ment) to firms oper­at­ing in and from Ire­land or in over­seas mar­kets. NITL is man­aged by the Depart­ment of Trans­port Engi­neer­ing at Dublin Insti­tute of Technology.

seandshoresafety small

SEA AND SHORE SAFETY SER­VICES AT DUBLIN, IRE­LAND - Mar­itime, Med­ical and Fire Fight­ing Train­ing - Estab­lished in 1986, Sea and Shore Safety Ser­vices pro­vides safety train­ing in rela­tion to marine and water haz­ards. The com­pany car­ries out major­ity of STCW train­ing courses for ferry com­pa­nies oper­at­ing on the Irish Sea routes along with var­i­ous other ship­ping com­pa­nies worldwide.

Netherlands - Maritime, Ship Design, Transport, Logistics


MAR­ITIME INSTI­TUTE WILLEM BAR­ENTSZ (MIWB) AT TER­SCHELLING, NETHER­LANDS - Mar­itime Train­ing at the Island of Ter­schelling - Founded in 1875, the mar­itime Insti­tute Willem Bar­entsz (MIWB) is a Dutch Higher Nau­ti­cal Acad­emy and a depart­ment of NHL Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sciences.


SHIP­PING AND TRANS­PORT COL­LEGE | NETHER­LANDS MAR­ITIME UNI­VER­SITY (NMU) | ROT­TER­DAM, NETHER­LANDS - Mar­itime & Port Oper­a­tions; Ship­ping and Trans­port; Mer­chant Marine; Ship­build­ing; Logis­tics & Ware­hous­ing; and Inland Ship­ping Train­ing & Edu­ca­tion - The Ship­ping and Trans­port Col­lege and Nether­lands Mar­itime Uni­ver­sity (NMU) are part of STC-​group in Nether­lands. The STC-​Group is a world­wide strate­gic com­bi­na­tion of well-​established edu­ca­tion, train­ing, research, sup­port, con­sul­tancy and imple­men­ta­tion ser­vice providers for the entire ship­ping, port, trans­port and logis­tics chain as well as for the port-​related oil and chem­i­cal industry.


ERAS­MUS UNI­VER­SITY ROT­TER­DAM (EUR), NETHER­LANDS - Mar­itime Eco­nom­ics & Logis­tics; Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment; Port & Trans­port Eco­nom­ics; and Mar­itime Law Edu­ca­tion - Estab­lished in 1913, Eras­mus Uni­ver­sity Rot­ter­dam (EUR) is an inter­na­tion­ally reputed uni­ver­sity based in Rot­ter­dam, Nether­land. It is a spawn­ing ground for crit­i­cal aca­d­e­mic think­ing, dri­ven by a strong focus on cur­rent social issues.


DELFT UNI­VER­SITY OF TECH­NOL­OGY (TU DELFT) AT DELFT, NETHER­LANDS - Ship Design, Hydro­me­chan­ics, & Pro­duc­tion; Trans­port, Infra­struc­ture & Logis­tics; Mar­itime Oper­a­tions & Ship­ping Man­age­ment; and Coastal & Marine Engi­neer­ing Edu­ca­tion - Estab­lished in 1842, Delft Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy (TU Delft) is a large and one of the old­est tech­ni­cal research uni­ver­sity located in the city of Delft, Netherlands.


TILBURG UNI­VER­SITY AT TILBURG, NETHER­LANDS - Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment & Oper­a­tions Edu­ca­tion - Tilburg Uni­ver­sity is an aca­d­e­mic insti­tu­tion of higher learn­ing, spe­cial­iz­ing in eco­nom­ics, man­age­ment and law, located in Tilburg in the south­ern part of the Netherlands.


FONTYS UNI­VER­SITY OF APPLIED SCI­ENCES AT VENLO, NETHER­LANDS - Inter­na­tional Logis­tics & Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion - With its 40,000 stu­dents, 4,000 mem­bers of staff and a range of courses cov­er­ing almost every sec­tor, Fontys Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences is one of the largest insti­tu­tions for higher edu­ca­tion in the Netherlands.


MAAS­TRICHT UNI­VER­SITY | UNI­VER­SITEIT MAAS­TRICHT (UM) | AT MAAS­TRICHT, NETHER­LANDS - Global Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion in Venlo - Founded in 1976, Maas­tricht Uni­ver­sity (Uni­ver­siteit Maas­tricht – UM) is a pub­lic, inter­na­tional uni­ver­sity located in Maas­tricht, Nether­lands. The uni­ver­sity is the sec­ond youngest in the Nether­lands. With 14,500 stu­dents and 3,500 staff, UM offers a wide choice of edu­ca­tion pro­grams for Bach­e­lor, Mas­ter, PhD and post grad­u­ate (exec­u­tive) students.

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DEN HELDER TRAIN­ING CEN­TRE (DHTC) AT DEN HELDER, NETHER­LANDS - Safety Train­ing For Ship­ping, Oil & Gas And, Off­shore Wind Energy Indus­tries - Located at the har­bor city of Den Helder, DHTC offers a wide vari­ety of train­ing courses (stan­dard and tailor-​made) for per­son­nel in the ship­ping, oil and gas, and, off­shore wind indus­try. DHTC also orga­nizes var­i­ous courses for the assis­tance ser­vices of com­pa­nies, gov­ern­ment and non-​government orga­ni­za­tions and Dutch regional and munic­i­pal fire brigades.

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CEN­TER FOR SIM­U­LA­TOR MAR­ITIME TRAIN­ING (CSMART) AT ALMERE, NETHER­LANDS - Inter­na­tional Mar­itime Train­ing Accred­ited by Reg­u­la­tory Bod­ies - CSMART, the Cen­ter for Sim­u­la­tor Mar­itime Train­ing, is a newly estab­lished mar­itime train­ing facil­ity located in Almere, Nether­lands and a ser­vice mark of Car­ni­val plc. Some of the CSMART courses are accred­ited by the UK Mar­itime and Coast­guard Agency and other reg­u­la­tory bodies. your social media marketing partner