US Coast Guard Approved Marine Train­ing in St. Petersburg.


Sea School is an approved US Coast Guard approved train­ing school offer­ing sev­eral courses for the pro­fes­sional mariner. The Sea School has over 32 years expe­ri­ence in deal­ing with Coast Guard Licens­ing, Reg­u­la­tions, and Mar­itime Edu­ca­tion and its USCG Cer­ti­fied Licensed Instruc­tors have exten­sive knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence in com­mer­cial ves­sel oper­a­tions and instruction.

The Sea School is a nation­ally renowned school with offices across the US and in the Caribbean. The school is head­quar­tered in St. Peters­burg, Florida and has train­ing facil­i­ties in Franklin Square, New York; Charleston, South Car­olina; Bayou La Batre, Alabama; Jack­sonville, Florida; San Juan, Porto Rico; St. Thomas, US Vir­gin Islands; and Panama City, Florida.

Sea School also con­ducts pro­grams at var­i­ous Yacht Clubs, Mari­nas and Com­pa­nies apart from the above locations.

Training Programs

  • OUPV (6-​Pack): This license is prop­erly termed Oper­a­tor of Unin­spected Pas­sen­ger Ves­sel (OUPV) and com­monly referred to as the 6-​Pack. The word unin­spected means that the equip­ment required and the design of the boat are less reg­u­lated. 6-​Pack refers to the 6 pas­sen­ger lim­i­ta­tion placed on the license when oper­at­ing as a cap­tain on an unin­spected ves­sel. OUPV licenses are issued with a par­tic­u­lar route. Your license can be for INLAND routes (mean­ing bays, sounds, rivers, lakes, etc.), NEAR COASTAL (NC) routes (out to 100 miles off­shore) and the GREAT LAKES route. NC cov­ers all three routes.
  • Upgrade to Mas­ter: A Mas­ter license is required if you oper­ate INSPECTED ves­sels. INSPECTED ves­sels are those that carry more than 6 pas­sen­gers. Addi­tion­ally, to become INSPECTED the ves­sel must be built in accor­dance with rigid USCG Com­mer­cial Ves­sel Inspec­tion stan­dards. This license is also issued with a par­tic­u­lar route (INLAND, NEAR COASTAL and GREAT LAKES) with vary­ing ton­nage allowances based on your experience.
  • STCW Courses: Basic Safety Train­ing (BST); Global Mar­itime Dis­tress and Safety Sys­tem (GMDSS); Auto­matic Radar Plot­ting Aids (ARPA); and Bridge Resource Management
  • Radar Observer Endorse­ment (Unlim­ited - Inland & Recertification)
  • Assis­tance Tow­ing Endorsement
  • Launch Oper­a­tor: Launch Oper­a­tor Licenses are Avail­able in Two Cat­e­gories: OUPV (6-​Pack) Lim­ited and Mas­ter Inland Limited.
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