Logis­tics & Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment Edu­ca­tion and Mar­itime Secu­rity & Licens­ing Train­ing at the School of Busi­ness & Florida Secu­rity Insti­tute (FSI)


Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville (FSCJ) is a State Col­lege in Jack­sonville, and part of the sys­tem Florida Col­lege. Col­lege has four cam­puses and many oth­ers through­out the coastal area, and cur­rently has reg­is­tered more than 80,000 stu­dents, mak­ing it the sec­ond largest state insti­tu­tion in Florida. Florida State College’s School of Busi­ness pro­vides an array of high-​demand busi­ness tracks to spring­board you into your ideal career path. Whether you decide to pur­sue a bachelor’s degree, asso­ciate degree or tech­ni­cal cer­tifi­cate, the school offers ver­sa­tile courses of study and spe­cial­iza­tions to suit your goals, sched­ule and budget.

The Florida Secu­rity Insti­tute (FSI) was estab­lished in 2004. Since its found­ing, the FSI has devel­oped and cur­rently offers a range of mar­itime secu­rity and mar­itime licens­ing courses to meet the spe­cific needs of the com­mu­nity in accor­dance with Fed­eral, Inter­na­tional and pro­fes­sional guide­lines. The mar­itime secu­rity courses are cer­ti­fied by either the US Coast Guard or Fed­eral Mar­itime Admin­is­tra­tion and train Ves­sel, Com­pany and Facil­ity Secu­rity Offi­cers, as well as pro­vide crit­i­cal secu­rity aware­ness courses for non secu­rity personell.

Florida State Col­lege recently formed a part­ner­ship with the Chesa­peake Marine Train­ing Insti­tute (CMTI), located in Hayes, Vir­ginia, in order to offer US Coast Guard (USCG) approved mar­itime license train­ing courses. The part­ner­ship was devel­oped in response to work­force devel­op­ment needs of employ­ers, and the train­ing will be con­ducted by USCG approved Col­lege instruc­tors who will use CMTI USCG approved courses via tra­di­tional class­room deliv­ery. Com­ple­tion of spe­cific courses may result in mer­chant marine licen­sure, and inter­nally artic­u­lated col­lege credit may be applied toward the College’s Asso­ciate of Sci­ence degree in Indus­trial Man­age­ment Technology.

Academic Programs

Under­grad­u­ate Programs

  • AS Degree in Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment: This Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment pro­gram pre­pares stu­dents for employ­ment or advance­ment in this grow­ing indus­try with a strong demand for qual­i­fied pro­fes­sion­als. This pro­gram pre­pares stu­dents for careers that involve pre­cise coor­di­na­tion of land, sea and air trans­porta­tion. The course selec­tions are designed to meet the needs of employ­ers, includ­ing skills in logis­tics, com­puter appli­ca­tions, team­work and communications.
  • Tech­ni­cal Cer­tifi­cate in Logis­tics and Trans­porta­tion Spe­cial­ist: The Logis­tics and Trans­porta­tion Spe­cial­ist cer­tifi­cate pro­vides the foun­da­tional skills needed to be pre­pared for employ­ment in logis­tics, ware­hous­ing, and trans­porta­tion posi­tions. The demand for logis­tics and trans­porta­tion pro­fes­sion­als is expected to be strong for years to come, and this pro­gram will assist in devel­op­ing the skills needed to enter this grow­ing and vibrant industry.

Mar­itime Secu­rity & Licens­ing Programs

  • Mar­itime Secu­rity Aware­ness: This 4-​hour course estab­lishes the knowl­edge required for all per­son­nel who are not assigned spe­cific secu­rity duties but are involved in the work of ports, facil­i­ties, and vessels.
  • Mar­itime Secu­rity for Mil­i­tary, First Respon­der and Law Enforce­ment Per­son­nel: This 19-​hour course pro­vides the knowl­edge required for mil­i­tary, first respon­der and law enforce­ment per­son­nel with­out prior mar­itime back­ground to con­duct their duties aboard ves­sels, in facil­i­ties and else­where in the marine environment.
  • Com­bined Ves­sel Secu­rity Offi­cer (VSO) /​Com­pany Secu­rity Offi­cer (CSO) /​Facil­ity Secu­rity Offi­cer (FSO): This 24-​hour course pro­vides the knowl­edge for those indi­vid­u­als who will assume respon­si­bil­i­ties /​per­form duties of a Ves­sel Secu­rity Offi­cer, a Com­pany Secu­rity Offi­cer or a Facil­ity Secu­rity Officer.
  • Com­bined Mar­itime Secu­rity for Ves­sel and Facil­ity Per­son­nel with Spe­cific Secu­rity Duties: This 10-​hour course offers the knowl­edge required for ves­sel /​facil­ity per­son­nel who are assigned spe­cific secu­rity duties in con­nec­tion with a Ves­sel Secu­rity Plan or a Facil­ity Secu­rity Plan.
  • Sea­port Secu­rity Offi­cer (SSO): The 220-​hour NO-​COST course, Sea­port Secu­rity Offi­cer (CWO-​TBD /​MS-​220), pre­pares stu­dents for employ­ment as Sea­port Secu­rity Offi­cers in Florida and else­where. It is offered both dur­ing the day­time as well as the evening to meet the sched­ul­ing needs of all inter­ested indi­vid­u­als. Please note that a min­i­mum of eight course par­tic­i­pants is required before any course will be scheduled.

FSCJ Features

The mis­sion of Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville is to pro­vide opti­mal access to high qual­ity, afford­able and rel­e­vant degree, career and com­mu­nity edu­ca­tion to enhance the lives of our stu­dents and the eco­nomic devel­op­ment of North­east Florida. Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville is a values-​driven insti­tu­tion of higher edu­ca­tion com­mit­ted to ensur­ing that every stu­dent has an extra­or­di­nar­ily pos­i­tive over­all experience.

  • Cam­pus: The Down­town Cam­pus is cen­trally located in the heart of Jack­sonville on West State Street. It is eas­ily acce­si­ble by bus and the sky­way sta­tion. Because of its unique pro­grams and con­ve­nient loca­tion, stu­dents are attracted to the Down­town Cam­pus from all areas of the city. Jack­sonville is one of the largest city in terms pop­u­la­tion and land area and part of the Florida state.
  • Accred­i­ta­tion: Florida State Col­lege is a divi­sion of Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville. Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville is accred­ited by the Com­mis­sion on Col­leges of the South­ern Asso­ci­a­tion of Col­leges and Schools (SACS) to award the bac­calau­re­ate and asso­ciate degree.
  • Job Train­ing Grant: Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville has been named one of only 72 com­mu­nity col­leges in the coun­try to be awarded a mil­lion President’s Community-​based Job Train­ing Grant out of a total 5 mil­lion nationwide.
  • Rank­ings: Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville ranks fifth in asso­ciate degrees awarded in Lib­eral Arts and Sci­ences, Gen­eral Stud­ies and Human­i­ties by Com­mu­nity Col­lege Week in June 2010
  • Stu­dent Suc­cess: More than 5,800 stu­dents earned bach­e­lor or asso­ciate degrees or cer­tifi­cates in 20092010, up from 5,600 in 20082009. GED and Adult High School grad­u­ates at Florida State Col­lege at Jack­sonville totaled more than 2,070 in 20092010, up from 1,400 for 20082009.

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