Mar­itime Train­ing at the Island of Terschelling


Founded in 1875, the Mar­itime Insti­tute Willem Bar­entsz (MIWB) is a Dutch Higher Nau­ti­cal Acad­emy and a depart­ment of NHL Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences. The insti­tute is located in the island of Ter­schelling, Nether­lands. In the 135 years of its exis­tence the insti­tute has devel­oped into one of the fore­most nau­ti­cal col­leges in The Nether­lands, of great renown at home and abroad. The MIWB sim­u­la­tor facil­i­ties, labs, work­shops, train­ing ves­sel, nautical/​technical exper­tise and the mod­ern cam­pus guar­an­tee top-​quality mar­itime edu­ca­tion and training.

MIWB has a four-​year Mar­itime Offi­cer train­ing pro­gram. The train­ing pro­gram is devel­oped in con­sul­ta­tion with sev­eral ship­ping com­pa­nies and is in com­pli­ance with the require­ments and stan­dards of inter­na­tional con­ven­tions and mar­itime prac­tice. Dur­ing the first two years the cadets live with 150 fel­low stu­dents in the cam­pus. The insti­tute incor­po­rates The Dutch DP Cen­tre being the old­est and most com­pre­hen­sive DP train­ing facil­ity in the NW Con­ti­nen­tal Euro­pean region.

Note: The courses are con­ducted in Eng­lish and Dutch.

Training Programs

Long Pro­grams

  • Mar­itime Offi­cer Pro­gram (4 years): The dura­tion of the study Mar­itime Offi­cer is four years and counts 240 EC’s. One EC equals to 28 hours of study load. The train­ing course con­tains - basic pro­gram (90 EC); com­pul­sory minors (60 EC); sea train­ing (60 EC); and fac­ul­ta­tive minor + grad­u­a­tion (30 EC).
  • Hydrog­ra­phy Pro­gram (4 years): The dura­tion of the study Hydrog­ra­phy is four years and counts 240 EC’s. One EC equals to 28 hours of study load. The train­ing course is acknowl­edged by the Inter­na­tional Hydro­graphic Orga­ni­za­tion (IHO) and the Fédéra­tion Inter­na­tionale des Géomètres (FIG).

Short Courses

  • Ship Man­age­ment (10 days): This pro­gram is for ship offi­cers intend­ing to func­tion as mas­ter, chief mate, chief engi­neer or first mar­itime offi­cer on board seago­ing ves­sels of over 3000 GT /​3000 kW (in the case of mas­ters for any tonnage/​power) are obliged to take a course in Ship Man­age­ment (unless exemp­tion is granted on the basis of pre­vi­ous sail­ing time or cer­tifi­cates). This will become manda­tory upon enter­ing into force of the new Dutch Mar­itime Crew Decree.
  • ECIDS (3 days): This course is des­ig­nated for can­di­dates for cer­ti­fi­ca­tion as offi­cers in charge of a nav­i­ga­tional watch and for expe­ri­enced nau­ti­cal offi­cers and other per­sons with respon­si­ble duties in nav­i­ga­tion work.
  • Radar Observer (5 days): This course pro­vides train­ing in the basic the­ory and use of radar for those who will be in charge of a nav­i­ga­tional watch. It is based on IMO Model course 1.07 Radar obser­va­tion and plotting.
  • DP Induc­tion (4 days): The Induc­tion Course includes sim­u­la­tion exer­cises cov­er­ing the above-​mentioned top­ics for oper­a­tional train­ing in a full mis­sion bridge envi­ron­ment. Lat­est devel­op­ments are the use of hydro acoustics’ and Artemis as posi­tion ref­er­ence sys­tems, next to (D)GPS, and follow-​sub mode for the use of Remote Oper­ated Vehi­cles (ROV).
  • DP Sim­u­la­tion (4 days): The Sim­u­la­tor Course cov­ers - DP oper­a­tions under nor­mal and pres­sure con­di­tions, sys­tem fail­ure pro­ce­dures, trend analy­ses, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, DP alert sta­tus alarms, prac­tice effec­tive team­work, the use of check­lists, posi­tion ref­er­ence vot­ing and han­dling, DP oper­a­tions in shal­low water, DP ROV oper­a­tions, DGP­SRTK, the UTM coor­di­nate sys­tem, DP inci­dents, rules and regulations.
  • DP Sea Time Reduc­tion: The course will be an inten­sive sim­u­la­tor train­ing of 37.5 hours which will give a sea time reduc­tion of 6 weeks. This is the max­i­mum of weeks approved by the Nau­ti­cal Insti­tute. If more sea time reduc­tion is needed, the prospec­tive DPO should join an extra week of 37.5 hours inten­sive sim­u­la­tor train­ing, which will pro­vide another 6 weeks reduc­tion of sea time.
  • Mar­itime Resource Man­age­ment (3.5 days): Mar­itime resource man­age­ment is a train­ing pro­gram for ship offi­cers, based on the knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence of the indus­try. It is designed to give mem­bers of a ship bridge/​engine room team oppor­tu­ni­ties to review and prac­tice the skills and knowl­edge required to effec­tively uti­lize their human resources and equip­ment in order to safely and suc­cess­fully oper­ate their ves­sel at sea and in restricted waters. your social media marketing partner