Nau­ti­cal Sci­ence, Ship­ping Logis­tics, Tech­ni­cal Man­age­ment and Mar­itime Man­age­ment Studies

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Estab­lished in 1994 with the merger of three uni­ver­sity col­leges in Nor­way, Vest­fold Uni­ver­sity Col­lege (HiVe) and located in the county of Vest­fold in the south­ern part of Nor­way. It is a medium-​sized with col­lege with approx­i­mately 4500 stu­dents and 450employees. HiVe offers pro­grams in four fac­ul­ties includ­ing mar­itime stud­ies. HiVe has very close rela­tions and part­ner­ships with local busi­ness and industry.

Vest­fold Uni­ver­sity Col­lege has many exchange pro­grams within the EU Life­long Learn­ing Pro­gram (LLP) - Eras­mus, ISEP, and the Nord­plus. In addi­tion HiVe also has bilat­eral stu­dent exchange agree­ments with insti­tu­tions abroad in Asia, New Zealand, Aus­tralia and the USA. Each year a siz­able num­ber of stu­dents from all over the world come to HiVe to study and offers many courses in Eng­lish to com­ple­ment, which includes mar­itime studies.

Vest­fold Uni­ver­sity Col­lege is the largest insti­tute of higher edu­ca­tion offer­ing mar­itime stud­ies in Nor­way and offers broad choice of study options. Vest­fold is known for its hos­pitable cli­mate, its inti­mate beau­ti­ful sea­side, and coastal towns.

Academic Programs

Bach­e­lors Pro­gram (Norwegian)

  • Bach­e­lors Pro­gram in Nau­ti­cal Sci­ence (3 years): This pro­gram pro­vides the­ory and skills com­bined with the nec­es­sary work expe­ri­ence (cadet time) that will qual­ify for your first cer­tifi­cate. Prac­ti­cal skills are also an impor­tant part of the course and the ship sim­u­la­tor has been built to look and sound just like a bridge on a ship and with the help of advanced tech­nol­ogy you will learn to maneu­ver in and out of the world’s largest ports.
  • Bach­e­lors in Pro­gram Ship­ping and Logis­tics (3 years): This is a per­fect course if you’re inter­ested in work­ing for a ship­ping com­pany, a stock­broking firm, mar­itime logis­tics com­pa­nies, port author­i­ties or other com­pa­nies in the ship­ping indus­try. This course focuses on sea trans­port, but also looks at the entire trans­port chain from sender to receiver.
  • Bach­e­lors Pro­gram in Mar­itime Tech­ni­cal Man­age­ment (3 years): HiVe is the only col­lege in Nor­way offer­ing chief engi­neer offi­cer train­ing at uni­ver­sity level and also offers its stu­dents a fully equipped machine room. Unique facil­i­ties and highly qual­i­fied teach­ing staff enable to offer an edu­ca­tion which gives grad­u­ates entry into a job mar­ket where being offered a job before grad­u­a­tion is not uncommon.

Fol­low­ing courses are offers in Eng­lish: Mar­itime Build­ing Projects ; Mar­itime Eco­nom­ics; Off­shore Tech­nol­ogy ; Ship Design; Ship­ping, eco­nom­ics and ship man­age­ment; Ship­ping and Inter­na­tional Trade ; Ship Oper­a­tions; and, Sup­ply Chain Management.

Mas­ters Pro­gram (English)

  • Mas­ter of Sci­ence (MSc) in Mar­itime Man­age­ment (2 years): The mar­itime man­age­ment mas­ter pro­gram has two spe­cial­iza­tions in par­al­lel, one com­mer­cial and one tech­ni­cal spe­cial­iza­tion. The com­mer­cial spe­cial­iza­tion courses include Account­ing and Finan­cial Man­age­ment, Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment, and Mar­itime Law. The tech­ni­cal spe­cial­iza­tion courses include Ship Struc­tures, Mar­itime Machin­ery, and Elec­tro, Automa­tion and Telecommunication.

Vestfold University College Admissions

  • Mas­ter of Sci­ence in Mar­itime Man­age­ment: Admis­sion to Mas­ter in Mar­itime Man­age­ment with spe­cial­iza­tion in Mar­itime Com­mer­cial Man­age­ment requires a three year bach­e­lor degree in busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion or, three year mar­itime bach­e­lor degree in ship­ping and logis­tics or, cor­re­spond­ing edu­ca­tion. Spe­cial­iza­tion in Mar­itime Tech­ni­cal Man­age­ment requires a three year bach­e­lor degree in engi­neer­ing or, three year mar­itime bach­e­lor degree in nau­ti­cal or machin­ery or, cor­re­spond­ing education..
  • Bach­e­lors Pro­gram Offered in Nor­we­gian: Appli­cants must meet the min­i­mum require­ments for Higher Edu­ca­tion Entrance Qual­i­fi­ca­tion in Nor­way (generell studiekom­petanse) and ful­fill the lan­guage require­ments in Nor­we­gian and Eng­lish. Some courses have entrance tests. Entrance require­ments for appli­cants from non-​European coun­tries may include one or two years of uni­ver­sity stud­ies in addi­tion to sec­ondary school. Appli­cants who do not ful­fill the entrance require­ments can take sup­ple­men­tary exam­i­na­tions in the Nor­we­gian upper sec­ondary school. your social media marketing partner