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Bulgaria - Merchant Marine, Maritime

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BULGARIAN MARITIME TRAINING CENTER (BMTC) AT VARNA, BULGARIA - Merchant Marine and Maritime Training Programs - Established in 1974, Bulgarian Maritime Training Center (BMTC) is a complete training source for personnel employed in the shipping to prepare for Maritime Administration examinations and other professional qualifications.

Croatia - Maritime, Transport, Marine, Engineering


UNIVERSITY OF DUBROVNIK AT DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - Marine Engineering; Marine Electrical Engineering & Communications; Nautical Studies; Yacht & Marina Technologies; and Maritime Transport Education & Training - Founded in 2003, The University of Dubrovnik (Sveučilište u Dubrovniku) is is the youngest university located in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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ADRIAMARE (APAVE MARE) MARITIME TRAINING CENTER AT ŠIBENIK & SPLIT, CROATIA - Merchant Marine and Maritime Training Programs including DP In Croatia - Established in 1989, AdriaMare (Apave Mare) Maritime Training Center has been providing world class maritime and nautical training in Croatia region. The Center provides wide range of training such as STCW 95, ISM Code, ISPS Code, SOLAS, MARPOL 73/78 & Nautical Institute for the sea going personnel.

Latvia - Transport, Engineering, Logistics, Management


TRANSPORT AND TELECOMMUNICATION INSTITUTE | UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES | AT RIGA, LATVIA - Theoretical Engineering (Transport Commercial Operations); Transport and Business Logistics; Transport Management; and Telematics and Logistics, Education & Research - Founded in 1999 and a history dating back to 1917, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Transporta un sakaru institūts - TSI) is the largest university-type accredited non-state technical higher educational establishment in Latvia.

Lithuania - Naval, Transport, Engineering, Port


KLAIPĖDA UNIVERSITY AT KLAIPĖDA, LITHUANIA - Transport Engineering; Port Technology; and Naval Engineering Education in Lithuania - Established in 1991 and located in Klaipeda city, on the cost of the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda University is the only institution of a very high education and research standard in Lithuanian’s seacoast that has full infrastructure and rapidly developing community.

Poland - Maritime, Engineering, Transport, Logistics


GDYNIA MARITIME UNIVERSITY AT GDYNIA, POLAND - Marine Electrical & Electronics; Marine Communications; Marine Engineering; Maritime Transport; Port and Fleet Operations; and Transport & Logistics; Education & Training - Gdynia Maritime University is the largest state school of higher education in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Since 1920 the University has been preparing graduates for officer positions on board merchant marine vessels and for managerial positions at the land-based institutions and companies representing the maritime industry and seaside regions.


MARITIME UNIVERSITY OF SZCZECIN AT SZCZECIN, POLAND - Navigation; Marine Engineering; Transport Logistics; Sea Ports & Fleet Operations; Inland Shipping; and European Transport System Management Education & Training - Established in 1947, Maritime University of Szczecin is a technical university with a maritime education tradition. With over 100 well-equipped laboratories, a modern research-training vessel Nawigator XXI, and 14 most technically advanced simulators, Maritime University of Szczecin is one of the best-equipped by 21st century standards maritime universities in the world.

Russia - Maritime, Marine, Engineering, Transport


ADMIRAL MAKAROV STATE MARITIME ACADEMY (AMSMA) AT ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - Hydrography; Marine Transport Management; Radio Engineering; Marine Engineering; Marine Navigation; Marine Tourism And Water Transporting Training & Education - Founded in 1876, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy is a federal institution of higher professional education and one of the largest centers of maritime science which trains professionals for civil and merchant fleet.


ADMIRAL USHAKOV MARITIME STATE ACADEMY (AUMSA) AT NOVOROSSISK, RUSSIA - Water Transport Operations & Navigation; Marine Engineering; Transport Management; and Maritime Law Training & Education - Federal State Educational Institution of higher vocational training “Admiral Ushakov Maritime Academy” is the largest educational institution of water transport and the only higher educational institution in the South of Russia training marine specialists for shipping companies, building and shipbuilding plants, works of water transport, ports and transport terminals.

Turkey - Maritime, Port, Trade, Logistics, Management


YAŞAR UNIVERSITY AT İZMIR, TURKEY - Maritime & Port Management; Foreign Trade; Logistics Management; and International Trade & Finance Education and Vocational Training in Turkey - Yaşar University offers a new and exciting opportunity for international students who are looking for an enriching study abroad experience.


ATILIM UNIVERSITY AT ANKARA, TURKEY - International Trade and Logistics Education - Founded in 1996, Atılım University (Atılım Üniversitesi) is a private university located in Ankara, Turkey. The language of instruction for most courses is English.


İZMIR UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS (IUE) AT İZMIR, TURKEY - Logistics Management Education in Turkey - Founded in 2001, İzmir University of Economics (IUE) is a higher education institution that aims to nurture individuals who are creative, dedicated and wholly committed to Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

Ukraine - Merchant Marine, Navigation, Maritime Law

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ODESSA NATIONAL MARITIME ACADEMY (ONMA) AT ODESSA, UKRAINE - Navigation, Ship Power, Electrical, Electronics Engineering Programs and Specializations in Maritime Law & Transport Management - Founded in 1944, Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) is one of the leading higher learning institutions for marine education situated in Odessa, the seaport of Ukraine.

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LERUS TRAINING CENTRE AT ODESSA, UKRAINE - Fully Integrated Offshore Vessel Operations Training - Established in 2012, Lerus Training Centre is the first in the Ukraine to offer fully integrated offshore vessel operations training. The center provides delegates with a realistic offshore training experience, in a safe and controlled environment.

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EPSILON MARITIME TRAINING AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER AT ODESSA UKRAINE - Maritime & ECDIS Training and Recruitment Services for Sea Going Personnel - Founded in 2001, Epsilon Hellas offers crew management and training services around the world. Epsilon now handles more than 250 different classes of vessels. The group is head quartered in Piraeus, Greece and operates various training and recruitment centers in several countries.



maritime europe

Baltic Sea: The Baltic Sea is almost completely enclosed and – except for a few areas – shallow. Following the end of the Cold War, shipping and trading have resumed in the Baltic on a large scale; passenger and goods transport is now the main economic activity.

North Sea: The North Sea is semi-enclosed and shallow, except for the northernmost part. Since the 1970s, the North Sea has been Europe's main offshore-oil-extraction site. The EU’s three biggest ports – Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg – are situated on the North Sea coast. The region is also home to most of the world's maritime organizations and service providers.

Celtic Seas: The Celtic Seas include the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the Celtic Sea and the waters west of the UK and Ireland. This very windy stretch of water has long been a busy shipping area, with most merchant ships travelling east-west. The north-south routes connect the English, Irish and French coasts.

Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast: The Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast stretch from southern Brittany to the south of Spain. It is part of the route connecting the English Channel to the Mediterranean and Africa. he region is the cradle of Europe's maritime power. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it was from the Portuguese and Spanish coasts that intrepid explorers started their voyages of discovery. Now, the really major cargo ports are gone, and fuel imports account for most shipping.

Mediterranean: The EU has almost 40 000 km of Mediterranean coastline. The Sea is Europe’s border with Africa. The world’s leading tourist destination, the Mediterranean is also a major shipping channel, with almost a third of all international cargo traffic passing through it.

Black Sea: Economically speaking, the Black Sea is still the most popular tourist destination for people in nearby countries. But more significant is the large volume of traffic passing through the area – both people and goods, including gas and oil on its way from the Caspian Sea.