BMF Short Courses & Marina Training


The British Marine Fed­er­a­tion (BMF) rep­re­sents a wide range of busi­nesses in the leisure, supery­acht and small com­mer­cial marine indus­try. The 1400+ mem­ber­ship base is diverse and rep­re­sents the UK marine sup­ply chain. Exam­ples include major world play­ers in supery­acht sec­tor, chan­dlers, lead­ing sup­pli­ers of equip­ment for yachts and motor­boats, boat­builders, marine con­sul­tants, boat clean­ing ser­vices, bro­kers, flag mak­ers, Sail Train­ing and oper­a­tors of mari­nas both coastal and inland.

By pro­mot­ing an envi­ron­ment for train­ing and recruit­ment, BMF encour­ages UK marine based com­pa­nies to invest in train­ing for the ben­e­fit of the indus­try. BMF man­ages a num­ber of short courses as well as develop national and regional qual­i­fi­ca­tions from entry to advanced level. The work ensures the longevity of the indus­try by pro­vid­ing the pro­fes­sion­als with rel­e­vant train­ing pro­grams for per­sonal or com­pa­ny­wide improvement.

Training Programs

Marina Train­ing

  • Inter­me­di­ate Marina Man­agers Course: This four-​day course is designed to pro­vide marina per­son­nel in a lead­er­ship posi­tion with fast-​track train­ing in the crit­i­cal issues in mari­nas. It is aimed at man­agers, super­vi­sors and fore­men who have had at least one full year of expe­ri­ence work­ing at this level.

BMF Short Courses

  • Marine Elec­tron­ics Installer Course (1 day): This is an intro­duc­tory course in marine elec­tron­ics instal­la­tion which clar­i­fies and defines com­pe­tent instal­la­tion prac­tices. Top­ics include ground sys­tems, elec­tri­cal sys­tems, equip­ment instal­la­tion and data communications.
  • Sell­ing Skills for the Marine Indus­try (1 day): This is a great course for sales peo­ple who want to iden­tify that hid­den ‘X’ fac­tor that deter­mines ‘excel­lence’ in sell­ing. What­ever your back­ground, if your job involves sell­ing, then the ‘Sell­ing Skills for the Marine Indus­try’ will help you max­i­mize your effec­tive­ness in this cru­cial area.
  • The Law Relat­ing to Bro­ker­age and Boat Retail­ers (1 day): This one-​day course is designed to: Increase your knowl­edge and aware­ness of the legal frame­work and indus­try stan­dards relat­ing to the sale and pur­chase of craft; Min­i­mize your com­mer­cial risk and help to avoid dis­putes and the rejec­tion of craft by pur­chasers; and Pro­vide you with prac­ti­cal, industry-​specific advice and guid­ance on key areas of the sale and pur­chase process.
  • Begin­ning In Export: The work­shop is for com­pany owners/​managers who are pre­pared to make deci­sions and invest time, resource and thought, from SMEs who are new to export, busi­nesses that have received and deliv­ered some export orders and wish to proac­tively grow inter­na­tion­ally or com­pa­nies that wish to achieve a fast-​track export growth but are not aware of what is involved.
  • RCD Aware­ness Course (1 day)
  • NMEA 2000 Work­shop (1 day) your social media marketing partner