Best Merchant Marine & Maritime Programs in the United States

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Maritime commerce is a critical and strategic part of the world economy. Majority (more than 70%) of the worlds goods are transported through water transportation. The maritime industry comprises of Transportation, Oil & Gas, Scientific Research, Military, Leisure and other allied sectors and subsectors Read more..

Featured Maritime School - Seattle Maritime Academy (SMA)

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The Seattle Maritime Academy (SMA) trains students for a career in the maritime industry and a division of Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). Fully approved by the US Coast Guard, it is the only program of its kind serving Washington and Alaska. SMA students enjoy great success with ninety-five percent graduates find work in the maritime industry.. Read more...

Best Logistics & Supply Chain Management Schools in the U.S.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the hottest major at both undergraduate and graduate level. The demand for this concentration is growing every year and more and more schools are offering it as a pure concentration or in combination with Logistics, Operations or Transportation. According to Bloomberg and WSJ reports earlier, many of the schools are reporting more than usual demand for this major and campus placements. Read more..

Sailing, Boating & Yachting - Education, Training Certifications and Career

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The leisure boating industry is very diverse with lot opportunities around the world. This industry, which is as glamorous as the film industry, has been a place where you can discover your unknown talents, importance of teamwork & people skills, quick and responsible decision making, technical knowledge and the art and science of an exciting hobby, career or a job. This is a popular activity among all ages and groups. Read more..

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